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Experience the Musical Journey

Take your musical journey to the next level


We Create Music Together

Music is a tool for expression. Julie Coad is passionate about equipping others to convey themselves through the art of music. Whether the goal is to have a positive first impression with an instrument, prepare for an audition, be more in-tune with the creative process in song writing, become equipped for leading worship or more, the journey of musical discovery is one to be done along side, be challenged to grow, be supported in self-discovery, and celebrated along the way.





Julie Coad has over 17 years of private teaching experience. She received her Bachelors of Music Education from Florida State University. Ms. Coad has held the role of educator, choral director, worship leader, music camp director, local musician, song-writer and more.

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Lessons With an Array of Instruments and Goals

First exposure, solo and ensemble auditions, group classes, joining a worship band, song writing, musical preparation, personalized goals

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